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Things you must know about laser rhinoplasty.

Things you must know about laser rhinoplasty.

Useful information about laser rhinoplasty.

A laser rhinoplasty, is only applicable for certain cases. Therefore, not all nose deformities can be solved, the treatment has its limitations. Here are some facts that should be considered before undergo laser rhinoplasty. It is a non-surgical procedure, that means, no reconstructions performed in the bones and nose gristles.

Unlike other medical non-surgical techniques, laser rhinoplasty does not require cosmetic filler injections that only last a year or two.

Bleeding and scarring are completely eliminated.

The nose skin, especially the tip of the nose, is the main objective.

Severe acne or rhinophyma can thicken the skin, causing nose deformities. With laser treatment, the skin is equalized.

Rinolaser, antes y después

The heat emitted by the laser destroys the upper layers of the skin,  corrects and smooth rough skin. A carbon dioxide laser or CO2 is commonly used to remove thick layers of skin with minimal heat damage into the surrounding structures. During laser treatment, a warmth and a tingling sensation may be felt. The pain is minimal, although local anesthesia may be used. After treatment, a natural skin shedding occurs. It is at this point that healing occurs.

Must be treated as if it was an ordinary sunburn. Use only mild soap to wash the area and do not rub vigorously. Moisturize the skin, is also required. During the recovery process, burned skin is gradually replaced by a new, slimmer and smoother dermis.


Who are the ideal candidates?

Younger patients should not to smoke. Smoking can delay the healing process by reducing blood flow to the the skin. It is a benefitial treatment for patients of any age, although it is true that younger patients heal and recover in a faster way. Patients suffering from blood coagulation problems or diabetes (insulin-dependent) are not ideal candidates for laser treatment rhinoplasty.

Tratamiento de rinolaser

How much does it cost a laser rhinoplasty treatment?

The procedure is likely to have an average cost of $ 2,000 to $ 6,000, € 1,500 to € 4,500. Depending on the location, the doctor’s fees, medical facilities and the area to be treated, the price of a rinolaser vary greatly. Keep in mind that this procedure is not always the best solution for anyone who wants a completely restructured nose. It applies only in special cases. The severe deformities of the nose vary widely in some degrees, some surgeons may recommend surgery rhinoplasty instead of this treatment or a non-surgical rhinoplasty. Therefore, it is necessary that before taking any decision, a doctor must evaluate before getting yourself to any kind of conclusion.

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