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Rhinoplasty’s recovery process

The day after rhinoplasty and the recovery process.

After a rhinoplasty, face gets swollen, normally accompanied by headaches and nasal obstruction. Because of the operation, bruising will appear in the area of the eyes and probably the area of the eyelids will inflame also. After the first hours, the side effects will gradually disappear. The first thing that a rhinoplasty patient faces is a very swollen face and sometimes psychological help is needed to overcome this first emotional impact.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Process

Rhinoplasty Recovery Process

To consider the surgery a success, you must follow exactly the instructions your doctor gives to you.

Take those painkillers your doctor prescribes you.

To reduce the swelling, apply cool water to the swollen areas.

If you get some stitches or get bandaged, it will take you between 4 and 8 days to remove them.

You must keep complete rest between 5 and 7 days after the operation.

During the first days when you go incorporating to the daily routine, you should avoid all those activities involving physical effort.

For ease a proper healing, you should not blow your nose for the next 3-4 weeks.

At first, you must maintain a reclined position for sleeping and then avoid sleeping face-down or side position.

When you wash your face, do it better with cold water and taking care not to wet the bandages.

Avoid sunbathing for at least the first 3-6 months.

It is recommended that you avoid wearing glasses for the first 2 weeks.

It is advisable to talk as little as possible and be careful to laugh or mourn, at least for a week after the operation.

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