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Nose job:average price and surgeon’s reputation

What to bear in mind before choosing a nose job surgeon

This is an excellent question and surely, it can be answered in several ways. Nose job is a simple procedure which requires great skills. It’s more difficult to find a surgeon experienced in nose job than to find one specialized in other types of face surgery. Some of the tips to choose where and with whom get operated are;

Look for someone with special interest in this kind of procedures. Someone who earns a living doing nose jobs. Someone who is really specialized in nose jobs. This way we will make sure that the surgeon will have a deep comprehension about the procedure, far beyond basic features.

Look for a surgeon who is able to correct the nasal deviations also. Even if you don’t have nasal septum problems, there can be complications if we don’t bear in mind the airways.

Choose an experienced surgeon. Not all surgeons have been trained specifically to do this kind of operations. Ask your surgeon about the number of years he or she has been doing rhinoplasties.

Surgeon must feel comfortable doing both open nose job and closed nose job.

Lest we forget about the surgeon’s personality and kindness. Although his experience and ability are the most important features, we have to bear in mind that after the surgery we will continue visiting the doctor. Sometimes, this is forgotten by patients.

Finally, we have to take into account the price. Depending on our location it can oscillate a lot. If you are in the United States (New York, Boston, Miami, L.A., San Francisco, Chicago, Houston…), price oscillates from 6000 USD to 15000 USD, if you are in the United Kingdom (London, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Liverpool…), it can oscillate from 3000 GBP to 5000 GBP, if you are in Canada (Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary…) from 4000 CAD to 7000 CAD or if you are in Australia (Sidney, Melbourne…) from 8000 AUD to 12000 AUD. Another way is to make “aesthetic tourism” in Latin America or in Southeastern Asia, doing both, tourism and undergo surgery. Its price is far lower than in the countries previously mentioned.

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