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Nose job experiences, read and share

First experience I want to publish here is about myself, however, if you get in contact with me by filling up the form below, I will add your experiences also to help others to decide wether they undergo surgery or not. That’s the main reason why I decided to create a web page related to rhinoplasty, because when I underwent surgery I did not find very much information on the web.

Nose job experiences

“I must mention that I was always self-conscious about my nose, since I was 13 years old, but I did not like my nose. So once I decided to have nose job surgery there was no reverse, although the recovery was somewhat long and painful than expected, I am satisfied with the results. I would recommend it  everyone who suffers about his/her personal appearance, definitely.

Maria S, Bristol, United Kingdom.

“I turned 35 this year and for my birthday I gave myself a new nose!
I had quite a big dorsal hump on the right side of my nose – more so than on my left side. I found my nostrils were particularly long as well, especially when smiling. I had a typical Italian nose. It has given me grief for many years. I have avoid taking photos on my right side. Even driving alongside someone was torture! Fortunately, I underwent surgery and I think that a nose job it’s the best thing I have ever done! Although, I suffered some skin irritation while the recovery process I swear it really worths!”.

Sarah, Adelaide, Australia.

Well it’s been almost a year, and I must admit that I’m very satifacted with the nose job surgery. The only things that bother me in which I have noticed now that I didn’t have before my nose job surgery are:

– I have developed worse allergies and sneeze more. That may or may not have anything to do with the surgery but its noticeable.
– the doctor told me to wait three weeks to wear my glasses or sun glasses to prevent indentions in the bridge of my nose that would become permanent… Which I did…. And yet I now feel an indention in the bone of my bridge from wearing my glasses and take them off (it’s always there, but not that noticeable on the surface, but I can deff. Feel it if I rub the bridge).
– the tip of my nose never feels the same since the surgery. It’s not a totally freaking out bad sort of thing, but it just never fully regained all of the feeling like it did before the surgery. It doesn’t interfere with my life or anything and I never notice it unless I fiddle around with it or press really hard trying to feel all up on it. Lol

That’s all!

Helen, New York, United States.

Im 24 and have been wanting to alter my nose since I was 12. I decided on septoplasty to correct my deviated septum, Turbinoplasty to fix my breathing problems and Rhinoplasty for all of the cosmetic work. Cosmetically one of my nasal bones was longer than the other so that would be evened out, the bridge has been thinned, the tip refined and less bulbous and then finally reduced the thickness of my nostril skin. After the nose job surgery, mucus production improved and although I had to take painkillers for several week. But overall things are getting better, my energy levels have improved since last week. Also Its great that I only have to tape my nose at night. My nose is amazing though, I can confidently say its perfect and every time I look in the mirror I am so happy I got the nose job surgery.

Claire, Toronto, Canada.

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