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Laser Rhinoplasty, a new procedure.

Laser Rhinoplasty, next generation procedure.

Some of the symptoms of aging are not very noticeable. From an objective point of view, sometimes is difficult to figure out the age of a human being. However, these symptons are influential in how a face looks young or mature, it doesn’t care if it is male face or a female one.

These symptons are mainly thickening of the tip of the nose, his fall and lengthening of the upper lip.


Laser Estetico

Rhinolaser, a new technique.

Aesthetic laser applications are not something new, cause are used both as corrective surgery as in processes not requiring hospitalization. The rhinolaser, is one of those procedures, it does not require hospital stay and in just 60 minutes under local anesthesia, allows us to make the following improvements;The first, return to its original shape, the lowered nasal tip.The second, improve the skin appearance. Skin has increased thickness and also presents an increase in porosity.The technique involves inoculating a small dose of anesthesia, a dose similar to that used by dentists, both via the nasal mucous (inner via) and through the top lining of the mouth (thus injecting the liquid anesthetic at the base of the nose).


Thanks to the laser intervention inside the nasal appendix (through the nasal mucosa), nose cartilages are dissected and separated, making a plasty, repositioning, laminating cartilages if appropriate to change its image, volume and projection.

The doctor will conduct a remodeling of skin thickness, cutting the sebaceous glands of the skin, whether they are highly developed.

At the same time, a laser incision is made through the buccal mucosa, where septum depressor muscle and Pitangy ligament is, both muscle and ligament are responsible for the fall of the nose.

Once sutured the laser cuts, all hidden in mucosal, there will not be any visible scar. Also, if the skin requires it, an ultrapulsating laser with Fractional CO2 treatment can be performed. To refine the pores  and produce a tightening of the skin of the dorsum of the nose. The result obviously will be a rejuvenated appearance (nose conveniently located in place, with little porous skin) and a reduction of aging symptoms.

Rhinolaser treatment is available all around the world, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Manchester, Sidney and even in smaller cities. This technique is expanding quite fast reaching even smaller cities.


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