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Nose job or rhinoplasty, what is it?

General information about nose job procedures.

Nose job, or rhinoplasty (rhino,nose,plasty, to model) is a surgery work used mainly to solve aesthetic problems. If other kind of breath or functional problems are solved, the surgery work is called septorhinoplasty or functional rhinoplasty.

Nose job can correct problems like the hump nose, nasal septum deviations to the left or to the right, misshapen related to cleft lip. Also other kind of misshapen problems acquired through life due to illnesses, accidents or traumas.

Altough you may think that it can seem a brand new surgery, this is totally wrong. Nose job is already mentioned in ancient Egypt scrolls, which date from 2500 BC. Also, is known that during the Roman, Byzantine and even Middle ages, surgery works over the nose were done. Until mid 20th century, otolaryngologists were responsible of doing septoplasties. Maxillofacial surgeons, were responsible of doing rhinoplasties and cosmetic procedures. However, from second half of 20th century, a new concept is born. This new idea is to solve both aesthetic and health problems in just one surgery job.

Nose job, before and after

Nose job, before and after

Before having a nose job, we must get informed correctly and check that we gather all the features of a suitable profile. Once we decide to have a surgery, we must choose properly who is going to be our surgeon and where are we going to be operated. It’s better to spend the proper amount of time, questioning, informing ourselves and collecting other people experiences that choosing a surgeon without bearing in mind these considerations. We must not forget that, although rhinoplasty is a relatively simple procedure, it is still a surgery job.

Every surgery job must be taken in an operating room. Under no circumstances must be done in any other place. Besides, total or local anesthesia should be used. There are two different types of procedures. The so called “closed rhinoplasty” and the so called “open rhinoplasty”. If we are talking about the first one, it is done through the nostrils. As there is no eye contact, it is done by touch. It is the most recommended in such cases that don’t need great modifications. If we are talking about the open one, an incision is done in the columella. The columella is the tissue which separates both nostrils. In this case, the surgeon will work directly over the bones and the gristles and just a little scar on the columella will remind us of the procedure.

Open rhinoplasty is the best technique when we have to fully reshape the nose. We have eye contact and it offers us more odds than the closed one. This kind of procedure can last between 1 and 3 hours, depending on the nose features. If health or functional problems have to be fixed up, it can take more time. Both techniques are equally good, what will suggest us which one to choose will be  both the patient and the procedure features.

Advantages are well known, by the aesthetic side, a nose job means, more self esteem, more self confidence, more harmony in our faces. By the functional side, it is needed, better breathing. Risks are the normal ones when you undertake a surgery job. Such as hematomas, bleeding, soreness and infection. However, risks are outnumbered by the advantages or going ahead with nose job.

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